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11111Port Townsend Rigging delivers experience, knowledge and personal service. Our expert and comprehensive rigging services will enhance your sailing through improved performance, ease of operation and safety of your vessel.

Learn about us, our facility and the services we provide. With more than 25 years experience in the Port Townsend marine trades community we're dedicated to improved sail handling enabling and encouraging you to sail more and motor less.

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Rigging Services

On-site Wire and Swaging
Custom Aluminum Spars
Rig Inspections
Running Rigging
Headsail Furling Systems
Mainsail Furling/Slider Track
Jack Systems
Vangs and Preventors
Tri-sail Track installation
Genoa & Stay Sail Track installation
Traveler Systems
Spinnaker Poles/Control Systems
Spar repair/modification
Spar renovations
Custom Bronze, Aluminum and Stainless Fabrication
Packing Rigging Systems for Shipping
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Architectural Rigging

Options for architectural rigging are only limited by the owner’s creativity. Wire systems have been used to surround pools, hang glass shelves behind bars, hang canopies and awnings over your patio and structurally support stairs.
The list goes on and all these systems are proven for strength and durability. With fewer parts to manage installation is a breeze and the clean and inconspicuous look of these cable systems are a great fit for every setting.
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Our environmental policy — Reduce, reuse and recycle

  • Most of our crew gets to work by bicycle or on foot.
  • All metal is sorted and recycled.
  • We buy in bulk when possible and refill smaller reused containers.
  • We keep the use of paper products to a minimum by using cloth rags, cloth hand towels and ceramic cups.
  • Paints are carefully cared for and used up.
  • Our facility is well insulated for both heat and cold, sited to take advantage of natural light and solar gain, lighted with low energy full spectrum florescent bulbs.
  • We settle out the solids between uses and reuse the solvent multiple times.
  • We encourage our clients to sail more, motor less.

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