Port Townsend Rigging — Clients

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Justin out for the afternoon on Port Townsend Bay
Sparkle Port Townsend waterfront
On Port Townsend Bay
Racing Port Townsend Bay
Port Townsend Bay classic
Charlies Port Townsend classic
Sailing with Al; Lisa Vizzini, Spencer Snapp
Yankee one design Sirocco and friends
Billy Ruffin Hawaii to Alaska
Hawaii to Auke Bay
Billy Ruffin Alaska
Reaching down the coast
Crusing chute with snuffer
Kathy and Graham San Francisco
Aleta DDW to San Francisco
Jerry and Sally
Peter and Janet first sail of Taj
John and his J 40 White Rabbit
White Rabbit
Justin sailing on Port Townsend Bay
The riggers view
Taj gets her mast stepped
Taj mast stepping
left to right Dan,Ben, Ira, Justin and Peter Green with Peters new spar.
Jerry and Sally doing some of their own work
Cindy and Tim
Putting on tell tails
Spencer and Bob aboard the Pacific Class sloop Orion
Corey and Emily learning to Sta-lok
Dan with Emily
Scot Hunter of Jaga
Rocinante, David and Laura on the Seattle waterfront
Ed Barcot the Crown Prince of Port Townsend Bay
Steve of Blackbeard
Taj ready to sail
Peter and Janets -Taj