Port Townsend Rigging — Spar Building

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Dan Kulin working on rig design
Extrusions before splicing and tapering
Extrusions before taper and splice
Extrusions before tapering and splicing
The taper is cut out of the section
Cutting the taper
Cutting the taper
The taper is closed with clamps prior to welding
The strongback is attached to the section with taper. The strongback keeps the weld from warping the section.
The strong back is attached when the taper is welded to keep the section from warping.
Splice doublers ready to fit
The doubler is welded together
The doubler ready to fit
The doubler is placed inside the section
The doubler is fitted and holes drilled for plug welding
The doubler is fitted inside the section before welding
The two sections are put together with a doubler then welded
The extrusions are fitted with a doubler and plug welded together at the splice. Later the lower spreaders will be attached in this location.
Three new spars after splice welds
Pattering for the mastheads
New mast heads
Welding the masthead
The masthead is welded to the tapered end of the spar
Mast head is attached to the spar
Masthead completed
Fitting the staysail lug
Inner forestay tang
Cutting the spreader through-bar slot
Spreaders are tapered. Tips are welded on.
Fitting through bars for the spreaders
Tang backing plate donut ready for welding
Porting for halyards
Sail track is filled with epoxy below deck for clean look inside the boat
Filling for paint
Ready for paint
After paint
Electrical to masthead assembly
Vang tang attached with 1/4 mono bolt rivets
Double tang for lowers
Six sheave mast head comfortably accomodated plenty of halyards for cruisers