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icon New reading: Hints & Advice on rigging and tuning your Seldén mast
03/15/2010 - Articles/Technical
We've posted another great reading resource to support your sailing endeavors. This is a full PDF booklet called "HINTS AND ADVICE on rigging and tuning of your Seldén mast" publi ... more

icon Choosing a lifeline: Coated vs. Uncoated Wire
06/17/2009 - Articles/Technical

When used in lifelines uncoated wire tends to lasts longer than coated wire. The PVC coating is susceptible to UV and mechanical/chafe damage. Additionally, most coated wire used ... more

icon Rig Dimensions
11/12/2008 - Articles/Technical

The following abbreviations are often used to describe various measurements on a sailboat. Precise technical definitions exist for each abbreviation, but the following is a list of simple descripti ... more

icon Corrosion and Standing Rigging, by Dan Kulin
05/01/2007 - Articles/Technical

I have utilized various technical references from my library. These range from a simple definition to more technical explanations of the characteristics of crevice corrosion. As you can see from t ... more

icon Advantages of the multiple spreader rig, by Dan Kulin
04/15/2007 - Articles/Technical
  • The multiple spreader rig allows the spar designer to consider utilizing a smaller mast section which saves not only cost but weight aloft. For a forty foot spar the additional of a second set ... more

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