iconArchitectural parts guide

These are the parts we recommend using for most jobs, we keep these CS Johnson parts in stock and have received great feedback from owners and contractors on how they look and how easy they are to install.

If you have any parts in mind feel free to let us know and we can specialize your order. For a list of more trusted parts we would be happy to work with visit CS Johnson’s Architectural Page for more options.

Deck Terminal
This fitting is bracketed flush to the post and is ideal for angles and staircases.
Threaded Terminal
A threaded fitting will install seamlessly into the posts for a seamless look.
Terminator End
The bold ends on this fitting provide a very modern feel to every project.
Button Terminal
The button cap on this end makes for a sharp end on wood or metal fixtures.
Ball Terminal
This sleek end fitting works great with metal fixtures and a modern feel.

Cable rigging and project design guidelines

For railing arrangements with runs up to 50’ the arrangement will require a classic turnbuckle with a fixed end, the turnbuckle will allow you to tighten the cable after the assembly has seen some wear and tear from people leaning against it, the building settling etc.

Each combination of turnbuckles, threaded terminals and your choice of end pieces and lengths will change the requirements of the assembly. Luckily, we have used CS Johnson parts for 10 years and are happy to mix and match to your specifications and make your project look great!

Feel free to call or email your questions about your project, requirements and fitting selection, and we will guide you towards the perfect fit.

Source: Port Townsend Rigging • http://www.porttownsendrigging.com