All lifeline fittings should be machine swaged to the wire. We do not use or recommend hand crimped lifelines.

Pelican Hooks
Snap Gate Hook, Safe Lock Gate Hook, Tubular Gate Hook ...
Open Body, Tubular ...
Lifeline fittings - Other
Threaded Single Gate Eye, Threaded Interlocking Gate Eye, Eye to Eye, Adjuster, Toggle Jaw T-Style, Pulpit Anchor, Eye to Jaw, Stanchion Terminal ...
"Extreme Duty" Offshore Series
Single Gate Eye, Double Gate Eye, Tubular Turnbuckle, Open Turnbuckle, Toggle Jaw, Pelican Hook, ...
Johnson Splice Lines
Tubular Turnbuckle w/eye, Over Center Gate Hook w/eye, Eye to Eye, Adjuster w/eye, Toggle Jaw w/eye, Open Body Turnbuckle w/eye, Samson AmSteel ...

Ordering new lifelines  ^

The easiest way to order new lifelines is to remove them and have us duplicate them.
  • First ensure the pulpit, pushpit, and all stanchions are securely in place.
  • Mark the threads with tape to show how the lifelines are properly adjusted on your boat.
  • Remove and send the old ones to us. We will ship a new set, usually within a day or two.
  • Measure each side independently with a metal measuring tape (do not use string or fabric tapes).
  • Note the correct diameter and direction of the thread for all studs and adjusters.
Download the lifeline form or contact us with any questions.

Source: Port Townsend Rigging • http://www.porttownsendrigging.com