iconStanding Rigging

  • Wire and fittings are the heart of any rigging shop and we stock plenty of both.
  • All fitting configurations are available either as swage or mechanical (Sta-Lok).
  • Our swage fittings are either Alexander Roberts or C.S. Johnson.
Open Body double toggle, Open Body t-toggle swage, Fixed Jaw, Navtec brand Swage End Machined, Closed Body ...
Other fittings - Swage
Marine Eyes, Aircraft Eyes, Aircraft Fork, Swage Eye Toggle, Studs, Stemball Terminal, Swage T-Ball, Swage Insulator ...
Sta-Lok Terminals
Eye Terminal, Fork Terminal, Stud Terminal, Backstay Insulator ...
Other Standing Rigging hardware
Double Jaw Toggle, Bar Toggle, Eye Jaw Toggle - Chrome Bronze, Delta Plate, Threaded Eye, Stemball Eye with Cup, T-Bar Running Back ...

Source: Port Townsend Rigging • http://www.porttownsendrigging.com