Open Body Turnbuckle - Double Toggle
The most articulated turnbuckle allowing cycling articulation at both the chain plate and the lower end of the wire. Silicon bronze body with stainless t-bolts offer a non-galling combination. Forged stainless t-bolts and toggles offer superior strength vs bronze fixed jaws and eliminate opportunity for crevice corrosion at the joint. Body available chromed or bronze.
Open Body Turnbuckle - T-bolt Toggle and Machine Swage
This turnbuckle has the same features as a Double Toggle with one less part resulting in slightly decreased cycling articulation & reduced cost. Body available chromed or bronze.
Fixed Jaw Turnbuckle
For those who prefer a traditional turnbuckle the forged silicon bronze body is coupled with a fixed forged jaw. A fixed toggle at the lower end is required for multi-directional articulation. Body available chromed or bronze.

We recommend bronze open body turnbuckles. We have included Navtec swage and closed body turnbuckles for identification purposes only.
Navtec brand Swage End Machined
Swage end machined from 316 stainless. This turnbuckle configuration requires replacement of the upper swage to wire part when replacing the wire.
Closed Body Turnbuckle
Closed bodies do not allow air to freely circulate and water to flush through. Inspection as well the bury of the treads is obscured. Closed body turnbuckles are more prone to corrosion than open-body style because dirt and water collect inside. Often the entire turnbuckle is stainless making them more susceptible to corrosion and galling than a bronze and stainless combination turnbuckle.

Source: Port Townsend Rigging • http://www.porttownsendrigging.com