iconRoll and rotary swage machine


Did you know? Port Townsend Rigging is one of only two shops in the Northwest capable of swaging larger wire sizes.

What is swaging?

Swaging is a metal-forming technique in which the metal is plastically deformed to its final shape using high pressures, either by pressing or hammering, or by forcing through a die. Swaging differs from forging in that the swaged metal is cold worked, and the output of the swaging operation is usually the finished shape.

Swaging actually improves grain structure giving the part greater strength and an usually fine finish.

About our swage machine

Port Townsend Rigging has a roll and rotary swage machine. All swages are filled with polysulfide and measured to ensure that swages conform to Military Specification tolerances.

Swage examples

This fitting was cut and the wire pried out to demonstrate how swaging forms the fitting to the wire.


This fitting was cut in half to show how the wire melds with the fitting when swaged.



  • Dies leave "flash" lines
  • Machines are less expensive, more portable, more common than rotary


  • Perfectly smooth swage
  • Large "heavy industrial", high volume

Standing rigging 1/4" and above is usually done on our Fenn 4F machine. Lifelines and standing rigging through 7/32" are usually done on our Kearny roll machine.

Source: Port Townsend Rigging • http://www.porttownsendrigging.com