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Many of our clients come to us confused about where to start to get the rig of their sailing boat in condition. Our approach to rigging projects is holistic and comprehensive. At Port Townsend Rigging, we start by listening carefully to you with the goal of learning about your sailing style as well as your sailing ambitions and plans. Once we have established a clear understanding of your needs we develop a work plan with projects prioritized to meet your needs. We help you differentiate between projects that are urgent, projects that are important, and projects that are desirable but not necessarily crucial to the function and safety of your boat.

We are familiar and comfortable discussing, designing and installing any piece of equipment or system that has to do with maintaining the stability and function of your sailing rig.

You will benefit from:

  • Port Townsend Rigging’s intimate knowledge of sailing and rigging brands and products as well as extensive knowledge of boat construction.
  • Port Townsend Rigging’s well-established vendor relationships, which enable us to deliver the right product at a fair price on time.
  • Decades of experience working with sailors and their boats. We understand the value of efficient project management including budgets and deadlines, and we work closely with you to make your rigging project a pleasant one.

Our work is customized to you, your boat, and your dreams.

We are your professional rigging partner.

Source: Port Townsend Rigging • http://www.porttownsendrigging.com