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We're a talented and friendly crew and we want to share our love and knowledge of sailing with you!

At Port Townsend Rigging we don't just install hardware, line and wire on your boat. We spend time getting to know you, your boat, and your sailing style before decisions are made about the work to be done.

Stop by our shop and say hello or feel free to contact us online.

Dan Kulin
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Dan began his career with boats at the age of twenty in Olaf Hansen’s boat shop in Wrangell, Alaska. Olaf, a master shipwright, placed Dan under the tutorage of shipwrights, Jim Rhodes and Arthur Svendsen.

Dan has spent his adult life working on and around boats from Alaska to Washington. He is a skilled engineer and technician in wood, plastic, fiberglass, and metal.

The rigging business has given Dan an opportunity to further develop and integrate his engineering, design, and fabrication skills. In the last several years these skills have been put to use building custom spars for long range ocean cruising.

Dan is an avid reader of history, philosophy, and science. Some of his favorite reading material relates to tools, material, and equipment used in his work. He loves to ski and rock climb with his family. In addition to being the family’s expert ski tuner he is known among his friends for his in-depth knowledge of ski construction, quality and application

Lisa Vizzini
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Lisa Vizzini began sailing as a teen on Stars and Solings in Marina Del Rey, CA. In 1978 she moved to Port Townsend to learn sail making skills at Port Townsend Sails with Carol Hasse and Nora Petrich.

Lisa's sense of adventure and maritime lifestyle has evolved and been nurtured by years of working in the marine trades and playing with family and friends in Northwest waters. Lisa's mechanical and nautical skills were honed by over twelve years of salmon fishing and operating a troll buying station in Elfin Cove, Alaska. Sailing up and down the coast as well as day sailing on all types of boats, and racing one-design dinghies with her son have polished Lisa's boating and sailing skills and inspired her to share her enthusiasm with others.

Lisa is a US Sailing certified sailing instructor. She has been a Northwest Maritime Center board member since 1998 where she has served as both secretary and treasurer.

Ira Kulin
team leader
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Ira, our team leader, grew up playing in the wood shavings under boats in Dan’s repair shops in Alaska and Washington. As a young adult he went on to develop his mechanical, fabrication and management skills as a field superintendent for a ducting company in Idaho. Returning to western Washington with his wife Emilee, he joined the family business in 2005.

Shannon Africa
office assistance
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Lisa, Dan and Shannon have known each other for twenty-five years and she first worked for them in Elfin Cove, Alaska as a cook/fish packer. She has rowed and sailed extensively and worked on salmon trollers in Northern California as a teenager. A baker by trade, Shannon applies the same care and attention to our rigging customers as she would to a bride ordering a wedding cake. You are likely to speak with her in her current incarnation as office manager if you call Port Townsend Rigging.

"Molly and Dexter"
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Visit our shop and you will find our friendly furry friends, Molly and Dexter, eager to greet you.

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